Tuesday, 24 December 2013

't Was the Night before Christmas...

Snow and storms have been part of the weather for the last week or more, though there have been several bad storms and only small amounts of snow in between. But taking a walk in the mountains behind us, some snow can be found on most days, while the water is gurgling energetically in the little streams.

snow isn't far away
And we haven't given up on a white Christmas either, since the latest storm has just passed and cold weather is again expected.

Which brings me to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and keep safe wherever you are!

And because I love stars I leave you with this:

and a promise that more will follow soon.



heart of charnwood said...

Love the Sashiko! Hope you've had a fab Christmas :o)

Catrin Lewis said...

Hope you had a Nadolig Llawen x

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