Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A weekend of samples

Trying my hand at some appliqué...

Last weekend was another double course weekend. Now course sounds very serious, and I suppose on paper it is. But for me it seems more like a lovely relaxing sewing weekend. A big excuse to make time for the things I love to do.

This time we have sat and sewed, drank coffee and tea (with lovely lemon drizzle cake) and sewed, talked and sewed, and talked about sewing. Nothing new really... but very enjoyable!

You'd think with all the sewing we did we might would should all have ended up with a quilt, or at least a top or even a small project completely finished. Eh...hum..., NO! That's the thing with the course, you end up knowing how to do things and showing you do by having these samples. And we aren't even supposed to use them (unless well recorded etc, I think none of us would dare). But at least I can show them (as if anyone is interested...?)

Freezer paper on back of fabric

Simple tulip shape, I can see myself using this. The freezer paper gives a firm edge to turn the fabric against and was removed by slitting the background fabric after sewing. Not suitable for very small shapes.

Freezer paper on front of the fabric

Another lovely shape, but I'm not sure about the method. The freezer paper kept loosening at the edges, which makes it hard to follow the shape accurately unless you go back to the ironing board all the time. May use the shape again, but not the method unless I have to. May be good though for small shapes where you don't want to mark the fabric with a sewing line.


Isn't this flower gorgeous?! Don't know what I would be using it for, but it was fun to make. It looks so delicate, but actually you stitch it and stitch it and stitch it. Great big stitches randomly around (though hidden in the creases) until you're pleased with the result.

In the end I've ended up with a complete sampler...

Sampler of applique

There are flat flowers and leaves, buds of different constructions, Suffolk puffs (yoyo's) and yoyo-flowers, a stuffed ball and a ruffled flower, a bluebell flower (though mine is yellow...) and a textured petal (or leaf). All useful for a small project (or even a large one), on their own or combined.

All in all a enjoyable weekend of sewing, but no quilt made...

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heart of charnwood said...

Sounds like fun, and always great to learn new techniques! I have to say, you look very serious in your new picture :o)

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