Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A work in progress...

It may not look that way at times, but I DO sometimes do some sewing!! Never as much as I would like, but then again I'm not sure that would be possible anyway!

Today I finally found the time (where is time when you need it?) to load some photographs onto the computer that had been sitting on the camera for a good while. Below some pics of THE CUSHION in progress.


The inspiration was the seaside, but I wanted to use warm colours. Funny how my vision of the seaside are of warm days, warm colours and sunshine, while my memories are more of being at the seaside sheltering from a chilly wind while eating the ubiquitous fish-and-chips... 

The cushion was pieced from three wedge-shaped pieces, so the (extremely) simple piecing had to be complemented with some more elaborate quilting.

FRONT; started quilting the waves

The quilting is done by hand (I do love hand quilting), but the stitching is not too small (I'm trying for "even", not "small"). In the end I did quite a lot of quilting for such a small project.

Close-up of quilting

I used Oakshott fabrics from a packet of fat eights, which is why the back is differently coloured from the front - just not enough fabric in each colour to do more than one wedge in each.
The fabric has light interfacing ironed to the back (the fabric is quite thin) and the quilting brings out the shine brilliantly. Unfortunately, that is not so visible in the pictures...

AND I am VERY proud of my buttonholes!!!!! THREE in a row; so scary to do, but they turned out great! Never knew you could make buttonholes this way, but it looks just SOOOO professional!

BACK; buttonhole (real colour is not so washed-out)
Now I am in the process of finishing it of, so I hope to have some more pics of the finished product soon!


Shirley said...

Hi Sandra thanks for popping over to my blog :) It's coming on really well, well done on the button holes it gives you a boast when something turns out well it does me anyway. x

Sandra Sews said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, that gives me a boost, too!

heart of charnwood said...

I love the colours on this, really warm, and the wavy quilting is just fabulous, looking forward to seeing some pictures of the whole thing finished and nestled on your sofa. Great buttonholes too. I have some Oakshotts I won in a competition at the end of last year, and I have a plan for a quilt from them, I just haven't gotten round to making it yet, maybe April (or May!!). Ange :o)

Sandra Sews said...

Thanks, Ange! I also have a quilt in the making with other Oakshotts, but that has had to take a back seat while the cushion is being finished... I just love their colours.