Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cushion - CHECK!

One item finished...

Yessss! The cushion is done! Whooohooo!!!

Sorry for the enthusiasm, I'm a "bit" pleased with this project.... The colours have come together just as I had in mind:


The buttonholes are perfect (see my earlier post) and the buttons suit the fabric:

The quilting has shown up just great. The waves are quilted in a contrasting thread, with a "shadow" quilted here and there in a thread coordinating with the fabric:

And I have "graded" the corners, so when filled, the cushion does not have "ears", and the (double) binding is so tightly stretched it looks like piping:

not filled yet; notice corners
It took some time to make, but I did try to make it as good as I can (quality, not speed, this time). 
I have bent 2 needles: one with quilting and one while sewing on the binding.
I have cramped my fingers: the binding really is stretched tightly.
I have debated the colours for ages, and changed my mind several times.
I had to do some problem solving as I only had limited quantities of each colour.
AND I made loads of samples for every step!!

But first and foremost: it is ever so comfortable in my back right now!!!! No-one else will be allowed to touch it (boys take notice)!!


heart of charnwood said...

Looks gorgoeus, a fabulous finish, well done! :o)

Amy DeCesare said...

It's just brilliant! I love everything about i, and I've just added it to my Pillows board on Pinterest, so I can see it whenever I want to. :)

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