Friday, 15 March 2013

Simple but effective

A baby quilt...

Last summer a friend had a baby and of course only shortly before I decided that I was going to make the baby a quilt. Some fabric from my stash and a simple pattern resulted in this baby quilt in record time.

Split nine-patch quilt
It isn't very big, only about 35" x 42", but I find that's an ideal size to use in car seats and buggies. AND I simply did not have more of these fabrics I had decided on :) I made it...

The pattern is a "split nine-patch" whereby you make a relatively large nine-patch, cut it cross-ways and turn two of the resulting squares around before sewing together again. 

In this quilt the nine-patches have either the red, light yellow or light green in the corners. They all have dark blue in the middle-of-the-side squares, and the lighter blue (with yellow) print in the centre:


 Cut the nine-patch into quarters:

Then 2 of the quarters are turn around so their small square is pointing out:

Shuffle the quarters around in a pleasing arrangement, keeping the direction alternated:

Laying out the blocks
I quilted inside the large squares and around them as well, which was a bit of a mistake: It meant a lot of corners to turn and a lot of threads to be tied off... But I DO like the effect!!

... and the result:

A happy maker and a very happy mummy!!!

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heart of charnwood said...

Fabulous pattern, i love the disappearing nine patch blocks, so versatile! :o)

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