Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mini quilt...

...maxi joy...

The past few days have been enormously busy: The children are home on their Easter Holidays and though they do not need 24/7 care any more, I cannot ignore them completely either (sometimes I try, but I usually regret it). The (part-time, but paid) day job is very busy at the moment, too, and since I will not be around next week there is a lot that needs to be finished.

And then, since I will be travelling, I have been working out what project I could take along. Of course that means a NEW project!! - I am great at starting new projects! But no photos yet.

I was actually looking for a NICE photograph of myself (which seems not to exist), when I came across this project made a couple of years ago for a little girl's doll:

Quilted by machine in a wavy stitch along the seam lines (you may just be able to see it):
And bound with a single binding:
Lovely little project, and a very happy little girl!



heart of charnwood said...

Very cute little project!

Shirley Cryan said...

Really pretty love the colours.