Wednesday, 29 May 2013


It seems summer has arrived this afternoon. We have learned to enjoy it as soon as she shows herself, so it was time for hanging the washing outside, eating strawberries, and eating the nose of the smiley face (cress), as well as an ice cream (too busy eating it for a picture).

(Our own strawberries are not quite there yet...)

 The empty eggshells are thrown out of the nest, the busiest time has come for bird parenting!

And our Welsh Poppies are even more cheerful in the sunshine!

No sewing today... there will be other days for that!



Catrin Lewis said...

It must have been warmer with you today than with us - I still had my woolly jumper on!

heart of charnwood said...

It rained here all day yesterday, and todays not shaping up any better, lucky you, enjoy it while it lasts :o)

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