Thursday, 27 June 2013

Days of colour

Last weekend has been spend not only looking at colour, but making colour. Coloured fabrics, that is, of course!

Cold water dyes, hot water dyes, dyeing cottons, wool, silk, discharged fabrics, tie-dye, shibori...

I better show you some pictures:

preparation cold water dyeing

cooking up a hot water dye...


more drying
And apart from all that playing and making those samples, we also dyed a scarf:

No sewing done, of course... 

Linking up with Celtic Thistle Stitches, as this was (mostly) New to Me in June 2013



Celtic Thistle said...

Now that is a great use of a clothes horse Sandra, love your dyed fabrics!

Thanks for linking up to too.

CeLynn said...

All of your dyed fabrics turned out lovely! I want to give that a try someday.

Camilla said...

Wow! I"m always impressed with dyeing- it always look so complicated and produces such amazing results! I don't know if I can be bothered with all the palaver tho'...That scarf turned out so beautifully, perhaps I'll have to try after all!