Monday, 28 October 2013

More scrap blocks, texture, and other activities...

Even though I have been sewing quite a bit recently, nothing seems to get finished. And I suppose other things in life have been taking up my time, too....

There was a (belated) birthday party to prepare for our youngest:

birthday cake - favourite soccer team

And my own birthday to celebrate:

Birthday flowers

And another weekend at my course. No wonder I have not managed to finish any sewing project. Even worse: several more samples that have been started at the course last weekend now need finishing, too... However, I really HAVE been sewing quite a bit...

More scrap blocks have been made in different variations:

I have also been playing with machine quilting:

free motion lines - low to high density

vermicelli or squiggle - different scale and density

using density to indicate a block

Heart created with machine quilting

My machine quilting could do with more practise; I have to add pebble quilting to the density sample, and I'd like to see how the heart will look if I would use thread in the same colour as the fabric... I may have to increase the density of the quilting to make it show up enough.

In the course machine quilting is related to the "texture" module, which is the current subject. So at the weekend there was a lot of paper (mis)used, and different textures (real or visual) discussed and created. Since then I haven't been able to look anywhere without seeing texture! So I have been photographing textures as well... loads of them (my new phone - with camera - has been used a lot)! I won't bore you with all those pictures, but I have to sneak in a few; there have been some rather interesting ones:

I can see how they might lead to some new ideas...

And finally, on this holiday Monday, some progress on the bag:

first bag panel quilted - threads to be tidied...
 Have a good week, and happy sewing!



Anthea said...

Hi Sandra! Wow you have been a busy lady... I love seeing all the praccy quilting you are doing, so clever... I know that feeling of doing a lot of sewing but not really finishing things, hang in there x

Anthea said...

PS: Big Oops... Hope you had a lovely birthday, !!

CJ said...

Happy Birthday Sandra, hope you had a lovely time. Fantastic quilting, I am always so envious of people who can do this kind of free motion quilting, it's wonderful.

Betty said...

Great birtdaycake and beautiful quilting