Friday, 4 October 2013

Scrap Strip Quilt

A chance remark I read about scrap strips reminded me of "one I made earlier":

I joined all strips and then cut squares from the resulting fabric. Two leftover creams were used for the sashing, and some leftover red for the corner stones.

Hand quilted with a fan shape in the blocks, and some straight lines along the sashing.

Bound in dark brown it has made for a favourite light throw on the bed for slightly chillier nights.

In the last two weeks mist seems to have permanently descended here and my visible world has been limited to the garden:

Not that I'm complaining about the garden, but it has been rather gloomy with it, so great weather for sewing... Now I only have to finish something...

Have a nice weekend!



CJ said...

I love this time of year when it starts getting colder and darker and a quilt or two is needed. Lovely picture of your garden. It is indeed a season of mists.

Anthea said...

Hi Sandra - wow the quilt is just gorgeous, well done on all the hand quilting, amazing!
The garden view is interesting - a bit eerie, but beautiful too

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