Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year - New Start?!

A week into the new year and already I have had to come to a shattering conclusion: This year there are only 24 hour in the day...!!

I am however determined to try and write a blog post a bit more often than I have done recently, so my posts just have to become a bit shorter, and hopefully quicker to write. I will try anyway.

With the new year, the Christmas decorations packed away and the children back to school I have been itching to start a new project. While I have been able to resist the temptations of joining in with bees, follow-alongs, block-of-the-months etc all through last year, I can no longer resist. Quite a few people I have seen working on a project using the economy block and I just HAD to try it out:

For a long while there was a pack of mottled pink fabrics (dark to light) in my collection and while I am not really a "sweet pink" kind of person, I had decided to make something for myself with it. A quick rummage revealed purples, reds, creams, and even some lovely bicycle fabric (who can resist bicycles?) that would coordinate and take away the pinkly sweetness from the original set.

So before long there were six blocks sewn up:

I love the combination already!
So another two blocks are already added:

Now hoping I'll be able to spend enough time on this to keep going... Course starting again end of this week - yippee and oh help!

Happy sewing,


Fran said...

Great blocks! I'd love to get on and make some too!

Anthea said...

Hi Sandra - happy new year - hope you are safe from the ills of the terrible weather!
These are gorgeous blocks - well done on sewing with colours that you would not normally choose for yourself...
take care x

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