Friday, 21 February 2014


Ever felt like reaching out and stroking something?


At one of my recent course days we have been exploring different ways to create texture in fabrics.

sewing a grid with shirring elastic in the bobbin

then steaming to increase the effect

using a denser grid with the shirring elastic


ruffles: wide pleats with narrow zigzag on top

pleats stitched down in waves

 Then a complete revelation to me: how to use a twin needle! There was one that came with my machine, but I never used it before. I started off with a 2mm distance needle:
lines and grid
 The twin needle is used with two threads (of the same quality though not necessarily the same colour) in the top, the bottom thread zigzags between the two at the back. To my surprise the effect is quite raised because of the bottom thread pulling the fabric up between the two lines. It is good to use a presser foot with a raised centre to not flatten the fabric unnecessarily (with my machine it's called a monogramming foot, not that I ever sew monogrammes).

random lines

double grid

wavy stitch with twin needle

wavy grid

Then I got a 4mm twin needle, and the effect is much more pronounced:
grid with wider twin needle

stripe effect with different stitches

Of course even quilting would create texture... I'll be playing with that another time!

Happy sewing!

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heart of charnwood said...

I did a course using twin needles and pin tucks etc a couple of years ago, really enjoyed it, and I really must use some of the techniques again :o)

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