Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas ideas

In general, I am not one of those people getting ready for Christmas months ahead.
I refuse to buy sweets and decorations in September. I race past the Christmas displays in the supermarket without looking in October. In November, I try to not listen (and secretly sing along) to the piped Christmas songs in the shopping street.

I am no Grinch, I do like Christmas. But I prefer it to stay something a bit special. Not something that we are so familiar with for so many months of the year that it doesn't seem like a special occasion at all any more.

However, ignoring it for so many months makes it very hard to MAKE something for Christmas. Because making something lovely takes time. So however many lovely Christmas fabrics I have stashed away because I like them, I have never made a Christmas quilt...

Last year I got sewing in time because of my guild's Christmas challenge, and I made the eight pointed star table centre (read about it HERE). This year I did properly write up the instructions for it into a free pattern.

But I would like to make gifts for family and friends. I'd love to make decorations for my own home, or to gift to others. I'd love to own a Christmas quilt one of these days...

So I have been thinking of Christmas quilt patterns. Drawing, designing, colouring. Working out sizes to cut, amounts of fabric needed. In short, I made another quilt design. It is only small, it hopefully doesn't take much time to sew up. It is even written up into a proper little pattern! Maybe, maybe I will have a small Christmas quilt this year...

What makes me hesitate now is the idea that once it is made it will be stored away for most of the year... Unless I will change my ways, and start decorating for Christmas months ahead??!

Maybe I will have to make a more general winter quilt instead! I think Santa will be giving me some suitable fabrics for that...

For now, I'm off to sew, of course!



  1. Love your quilt design. I say go ahead and make it..then when you bring it out again next year it's like a Christmas gift you gave to yourself all over again. i love bringing out quilts seasonally and really love getting out the holiday ones...this way I don't tire of them and get such joy seeing them again after their hibernation time!

  2. I made a few wall hanging a long time ago. Don't mind them not getting seen long enough but remember to bring them out.... Both are pretty!

  3. That is exactly how I feel about the months before Christmas Sandra.
    Your new pattern is so fun - it could really be out all winter.


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