Finish-A-Long 2017

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings

Since several years I have been aware of a supportive initiative happening around the internet, sharing encouragement to get those unfinished (craft) projects finished. It is called the Finish-A-Long.
Anyone having seen my sewing space (or any part of my house for that matter) knows I have many, MANY unfinished projects! In 2016 I finally was brave enough to join in.
It's not that you need any courage to join in, of course - they are a very friendly community! - but I needed quite some courage to actually list my unfinished projects, and even then I didn't dare list them all. If I had, the list would probably be so long that I wouldn't know where to start finishing any of it! It worked though, and I did finish a few projects!
We're NOT talking about the new projects I started in the mean time so my list is now probably (ahem) bigger than ever...

This year (2018) I am more involved than ever. I started in 2017 as Social Media Director of the Finish-A-Long, which means I keep their Instagram and Facebook page in (hopefully good) shape. And this year I am also one of the hosts, which means you can find the link-ups, and any other Finish-A-Long activity right here on my blog.

The Finishalong (what)

The Finish-A-Long (FAL) is a fun, low pressure online community event that allows you to make a list of projects that you have already started but not finished, and thus are hanging around in your sewing space - or anywhere really, in my case. At the beginning of a quarter you link up a list of "proposed finishes", the projects you propose to make in that quarter. During the quarter, you finish projects from your list, and post about each finish in turn. Then at the end of the quarter you link up each finish. Each finish linked up is an entry into a random draw for great sponsored prizes, too!
There is no penalty for not finishing something on your list.

Best of all, everyone involved encourages one another to get those projects finished!

The Hosts (who and where)

The full Finishalong rules, a button for your blog, and sponsor info can be found at any of the hosts' website.
After some years of being hosted by one person, the Finishalong has a global team of hosts since last year. Linking up can be done at any of these hosts.

This year the hosts are:
  • Sarah - Sew me - Northern Ireland
Social Media Director:

Schedule (when)

08/01/17 Q1 proposed finishes linky opens - find my Q1 list HERE
14/01/17 Q1 proposed finishes linky closes
26/03/17 Q1 finishes linky opens - my one finish for Q1 is HERE
27/03/17 - 31/03/17 Tutorial week
01/04/17 Q1 finishes linky closes

02/04/17 Q2 proposed finishes linky opens - find my Q2 list HERE
08/04/17 Q2 proposed finishes linky closes
25/06/17 Q2 finishes linky opens - find my one finish for Q2 HERE
26/06/17 - 30/06/17 Tutorial week
01/07/17 Q2 finishes linky closes

02/07/17 Q3 proposed finishes linky opens - find my list Q3 HERE
08/07/17 Q3 proposed finishes linky closes
24/09/17 Q3 finishes linky opens
25/09/17 - 29/09/17 Tutorial week
30/09/17 Q3 finishes linky closes

01/10/17 Q4 proposed finishes linky opens
07/10/17 Q4 proposed finishes linky closes
31/12/17 Q4 finishes linky opens
06/01/18 Q4 finishes linky closes

Previous Finishalongs:

2016 Finish-Along became International with 9 hosts including Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings