Monday, 5 August 2013

Cubes - top done!

I changed my mind a couple of times, but decided to add a piano border only at the top and bottom, to make it a bit longer but not wider - the photograph is showing the top sideways... (my locations for outside photography have their limitations!)

The backing fabric is on it's way, in the mean time I am pondering how to quilt it... Any suggestions?

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Taking the waters

While on holiday I left the family to fend for themselves for one day. They are actually very well able to do that, though it's nice to come back and hear "I missed you" even when you know that's not really true...

So I took a 2 hour train ride through the lovely English countryside...

...and ended up in Bath...

...where I HAD to visit the American Museum in Britain...

...and especially the textiles room! (Can you see it up in the corner?)

The quilt collection of the museum is well known, and changes from time to time, as they cannot show their whole collection at the same time. I had a great time going around the museum spotting the quilts in different settings (some are displayed on the walls or spread out on beds in the different period rooms). But most of the quilts are displayed in the Textiles Room, where I spent a long time. I also enjoyed talking with the friendly quilters from a group from Pembroke (Wales) who were demonstrating on the day. Apparently there is a different group demonstrating on (most?) Tuesdays.

Whether your own quilts are traditional or modern (or neither or both!) you may enjoy a visit to the American Museum in Britain. The quilts are varied and include wholecloth, pieced and applique quilts; old and not so very old; some I liked very much and some I didn't like at all.

But looking at such a large collection, I am definitely inspired to make more quilts!
(Just to set your mind at rest, I never really "took the waters"...)

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