Thursday, 31 December 2020

New Year, new planner

Having made planners for the Finish-A-Long for many years now, I have become used to having a planner page to keep track of my projects. I am no longer involved in the FAL, but I still need a planner to at least try and keep order of my many WIPs. I confess, my list is not getting any smaller...!


So this year I have redesigned the planner, and even better (I think), I have designed two slightly different planner pages. One is specifically designed with quilt projects in mind (blocks, basting, binding, etc.) and the other for craft projects in general. Find both as a free download from the "Project Planner" page.

And good luck with getting your projects finished in 2021!


Thursday, 22 October 2020

So excited

A second lockdown has started in Ireland today, and I have been in need of something positive. So today I have been working to make my first pattern PDF available! I am so very, very excited that I finally did it (and also a bit scared to put it out there)!

I have decided to make it easy on my self, and have put the pattern into my Etsy shop as a PDF download. I hope it all works as intended - fingers crossed. It's my first time doing something like this.

It was so hard to decide on a price, and with Etsy adding VAT depending on where you are located, it isn't as transparent as it should be really... Anyway, I have decided that for the first five days (until 27 October) there will be a discount with the code FIRSTPATTERN. Clicking the link adds the discount to your order automatically apparently...

I hope you will at least go over and have a look. Find it here:

For more details on the pattern, have a look at my PATTERN page.

Take care, everyone!


Friday, 9 October 2020

New pattern coming

Hello everybody!

This spring and summer, with everything going on, I did not have much chance to set up my sewing machine on our kitchen table like I usually do. My oldest had taken over the table as a work-from-home office during the day. And in the evenings I was just too tired to set up anything... and then putting it away again, too.

Instead of sewing I spent plenty of time sitting behind the laptop, in any spot in the house that's available on the day I might add. So I've - finally - been working on the pattern for my curved log cabin.

Pin basting for quilting

I worked out fabric amounts and cutting instructions. The order of sewing has been described with plenty of diagrams to explain it all. It isn't a difficult pattern, but it needs to be clear, right?
There will be a colouring page, too.

At first I was making it too complicated for myself. Don't we all do that? My mind was (and still is) whirring with all kinds of variations, fabric options, size changes etc. But I finally realised that including it all was the way to sure madness, so I have focused on what is really important: Writing the pattern clearly. I'm leaving the variations for another time...

So finally it is done. I have named this one "Prickly Roundhouse Cabin"... I am working on a special page here on the website with some more details, and I'll be back when you can all access the pattern. Keep an eye out, there will be a special launch announcement soon! 

EDIT: Pattern now available, and more details on the PATTERN page.