Thursday, 2 January 2020

Making Plans

Well, that's been a long time coming! I haven't posted a non-finishalong post in I-don't-know-how-long!!! High time to say hello to all of you and let you know of some changes...

I am generally not one to make special resolutions for the New Year. I find the bleak winter months difficult enough to get through, without adding extra pressure by making extreme changes. Of course, I could do with shedding some pounds, keeping better on top of housework, working harder, do exercise, and more of those issues that keep nagging at me to do better.

But this year I think it is time to focus on being KIND. Does the world ever have enough kindness??!

And, that means I have to be kind to myself, too.
Who can be kind to others when not in a good (mental) place themselves?!

So, I will not be promising anything apart from allowing myself a little time (hopefully every day) to do things I enjoy:
  • I will try and allow myself more time for creativity with fabric, fibres and thread - I have so many ideas for things to make! And I hope to make time to post about that journey here, too.
  • I have started a drawing/sketching challenge #30daysketchbookchallenge - though the second day prompt has me already wondering what I've let myself in for... If I don't give up on it, you may get the odd sketch post in between textiles.
  • I will try to deal with a WIP (one at a time) by treating it like a new project - maybe making it into a different item than originally planned, or giving/throwing it away if it really doesn't inspire me any more... I hope to be joining the FAL to be accountable, but no long lists, I think.
  • And I will be KIND - to others as well as myself!

Another change I am making is that I will no longer be a host, co-organiser and social media person for the Finish-A-Long. I am still a host for your finishes from Q4 of 2019 (click for the link-up), but after that linkup closes I will send you to the new hosts for 2020. I have been actively involved for the last three years, and it is time to hand the baton to others. Saying that, I have been asked to still host the 2020 FAL planner, so I will be posting that soon.

Time to put some of these ideas in practice, I'm off to sketch bottle(s) apparently...


Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Link up your Finishes from the last Quarter

With the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, we also have reached the end of Quarter 4 of the 2019 Finish-A-Long!!  Of course, this means it is now time to link up any finishes from the list you linked up in October (doesn't that seems ages ago)?! I hope you have been able to complete a lot of the UFOs from your list and have had an overall successful year.

The 2019 FAL is hosted by a great community of bloggers. This year our hosts are:

Each finish you link up will be in the draw for great prizes, so let's give a huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors:

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The 2019 Quarter 4 link for your finishes is now open below on this blog and on each of the hosting blogs - you only need to link on one blog for your finish to appear on all host blogs.

Link-up "Rules":

Add one link for each finish.  If you want to link a round up post of all your finishes, use that link to enter one of your finishes and then link the rest of your finishes separately.  Please, only one link per finish, as your link is an entry into the randomly drawn prize draws. 

Please ensure that the photo (Instagram or Flickr) or blog post you link up contains a link or reference back to your original list so that we can verify your entry (make sure it is from the right quarter, too). On Instagram the best way to do that is to tag your photos with #2019FALQ4yourname (where yourname is unique to you), this makes it easier for us to match your finishes with your list, which also should have this tag.

Please become part of the FAL community.  Check out the links of others and leave a comment. We all need encouragement so let's applaud each other.  The 2019 FAL Facebook page is HERE and you can follow us on Instagram @finishalong.

Our hosts will also link up their finishes to share in the community but they are not eligible for any of the prizes.

The Q4 Finishes link will stay open from now thru 11 pm EST on Thursday, January 9, 2020 (that is 5 am GMT on Friday, January 10) - since we are global, do check your time zone to determine your last possible time to link. You can also see how much time is left below the linked up images on the right.  It is best to link up your finishes early and if you have a last minute one, add that one later so you don't miss out.  The prizes will be awarded as soon as we can verify all the entries and do the drawings.  We will post the winners on each host's blog.

2019 Q4 Finishes Link Up:


Thursday, 21 November 2019


We can finally announce the winners of Q2 and Q3 of the Finish-A-Long and we're happy to award some wonderful prizes from our fantastic sponsors. We had 398 finishes for the second quarter of 2019 and we had 400 finishes for the third quarter which is really brilliant, keep it up!

Without further ado, here are the winners picked by Random Number Generator for Q2 and Q3 of the 2019 Finish-A-Long:

The Q2 winner's choice of One Large 12 Spool Collection from Aurifil goes to Mary who blogs at Quilting is in my Blood.  She finished this beautiful "camping quilt" that they actually use while camping, and isn't this photograph stunning?

The Q3 winner's choice of One Large 12 Spool Collection from Aurifil goes to Amanda on IG @sew.bake.stitch and she finished this lovely Swoon quilt.


The Q2 $80 Gift Certificate from Sew Sweetness goes to Sara who blogs at Sew Little to Say.  She completed this lovely tote bag and it's her own design.

The Q3 $80 Gift Certificate from Sew Sweetness goes to Carina on IG @carinascrafts and she finished this bag that she cut out 10 years ago.  Way to go on getting it done!

The Q2 $50 Gift Certificate from Fat Quarter Shop goes to Karrin and she blogs at Karrin's Crazy World.  She finished these two quilts that will be donated to the Mercyful Quilts charity.  Not only is that lovely but so are these quilts.

The Q3 $50 Gift Certificate from Fat Quarter Shop goes to Kat who blogs at Craftaholic Kat and she finished this lovely quilt that was for her son's seventh birthday.


The Q2 $25 Gift Certificate from Sew Me A Song goes to Kathy who blogs at Kathy's Quilting Blog.  She completed this Crown of Thorns quilt which also will be donated to charity, Jack's Basket.

The Q3 $25 Gift Certificate from Sew Me A Song goes to Kris who blogs at Krissies Kollections and she finished this scrap quilt made from charms she collected throughout the years.  She estimates this 91" x 91" quilt used 19 yards of fabric!


The Q2 3 PDF Patterns from Happy Quilting goes to Carol who blogs at Quilt Schmilt.  She finished this lovely pink quilt that was for a golf club fundraiser.

The Q3 3 PDF Patterns from Happy Quilting goes to Vasudha who blogs at Storied Quilts and she finished this beautiful art quilt inspired by Indian folk art motifs.


The Q2 2 PDF Patterns from Charm About You goes to Karen on IG @thecreativeheifer.  She finished this fun and colorful baby quilt.  Isn't it adorable?

The Q3 2 PDF Patterns from Charm About You goes to Jan on IG @snell.jan and she finished this blue scrappy queen sized quilt.  Another great photo, don't you think?


The Q2 2 PDF Patterns from Blossom Heart Quilts go to Jennifer on IG @crimsonconfection and she finished and framed this lovely little lucky cross-stitch.  Lucky indeed!

The Q3 2 PDF Patterns from Blossom Heart Quilts go to Alison via Flickr and she finished this appliqued cot quilt.


The Q2 6 Month Subscription to Make Modern Magazine goes to Jessica on IG @jessshullquilts_and_more.  She finished this fabulous Swoon quilt using Tula Pink fabrics.

The Q3 6 Month Subscription to Make Modern Magazine goes to Peggy who blogs at Quilts & Adventures and she finished these wooly mug rugs.


The Q2 2 PDF Patterns from Bonjour Quilts go to Mariana on IG @denana1973.  She completed this wonderful Flora Supply Case for a friend.  Lucky friend!

The Q3 2 PDF Patterns from Bonjour Quilts go to Teresa on IG @misdosbichillos and she finished this one hour scrappy basket, isn't it a cute gift?


The Q2 $30 Fabric Voucher from Hillstitches goes to Anne who blogs at Said With Love.  She finished this charming quilted table topper, and isn't the photo just lovely too?

The Q3 $30 Fabric Voucher from Hillstitches goes to Karin who blogs at The Quilt Yarn and she finished this funky bird quilt.  Isn't it is cute?


That's it folks, quarter two and three of the year are officially wrapped up! Congratulations to all of our winners and a big thanks to everyone that played along so far this year.

And we're already well into our fourth quarter by now, so keep working on those WIPS so you can link them up in the New Year! 

Happy sewing,