Tuesday 31 August 2021

Looking back at August

One of the pleasurable things about blogs is the connection you make with others. When blogs were much more a "thing" than now there was a lot of "linking up" going on, a great method to find other blogs and for others to find your writings, too.

So I was pleased to see that Archie the Wonder Dog is (still) hosting a monthly link-up, for any crafty blogs. And since I have done a good bit of crafting (and a few blog posts written) it may be a good time to join in today and give an overview.

So what has happened here this past month?

With restarting blogging last month I have been much more motivated to sew, too. I finished a quilt top inspired by my Irish Summer Garden, strips of green with accents of red and purple representing the colours in my garden:

I also "found" my wool felt while tidying up and made a little rabbit and then some small seaside-themed keyring charms.

And lastly, I had some quilting ideas for the Summer Garden quilt, but wasn't sure I could pull it off. To practise I stitched some scraps together and they were made into two small "art" pieces while trying out quilting ferns. They are only about 6 inches square and I absolutely loved making them! I called them Glimpses of an Irish Summer Garden. So now I have to admit being quite distracted from quilting the quilt by ideas for making more small pieces and using up my scraps.

Distractions allowing, I hope to finish quilting the Irish Summer Garden quilt next month. Knowing myself, there may well be a few small "glimpses" joining the first two as well! 

Find others joining Archie the Wonder Dog at the August "Furtle around the Blogosphere". And more info on the "Furtle" can be found by clicking the button:

Archie The Wonder Dog

I will be doing some more sewing now...


Friday 27 August 2021

A glimpse (or two) of an Irish summer garden

Earlier this summer I wrote about the Irish Summer Garden Quilt I started, inspired by my Irish summer garden. I finished the top and have layered it up ready for quilting.

In the mean time I have been playing with some scraps, making mini quilts at about 6 inches square. I am thinking of them as glimpses of an Irish summer garden. At the same time they gave me an opportunity to practise quilting a few ferns before tackling the bigger sister. I am so happy with the results that I am inspired to make more small quilts now!

I also experimented with the binding, making it narrower than usual which I think suits their small size. I'm working on a tutorial for that...


Friday 20 August 2021


I am preparing to quilt fern shapes across my green summer quilt...

Saturday 7 August 2021

Seaside felt

After finishing Ella rabbit and her clothes I had loads of felt left, so I played some more. This time I drew some simple patterns myself.

I started with a few fish, then decided to make a shell and starfish, too. Making it up as I go along, as is my usual way, they ended up as keyring charms and got gifted... Fingers crossed they all arrive with their recipients soon!

I think I need one or two felt creatures for my own keyring next...


Wednesday 4 August 2021

Project in Felt

Recently I have been procrastinating on my quilt projects. Fortunately I have been doing other crafts instead!

I "found" several pieces of wool felt in my cupboard and remembered a book of felt animals that I received for Christmas. A new project was quickly started! Several happy days were spent stitching, filling, and dressing this little one. Meet Ella Rabbit:

There are some more felt items almost done, I may show them next time!