Sunday 3 March 2019

A February Blanket

Thanks to Archie the Wonder Dog, here is another post from me. Organising the link-up "Mini Archie's February Furtle Around The Blogosphere" every month is (at least this month) doing the job of providing some motivation to write a post.

While my main craft-love goes to quilt making, the first craft I learned (other than sticking balls of tissue paper onto a background in play school) is crochet. And so when I decided to try and reduce my yarn box I turned to making a corner-to-corner blanket.

Undoubtedly it isn't perfect, but it is pretty enough, and used up some of my stash (as well as some bought yarn to coordinate). It turned out to be sooo easy, too!
I know it doesn't look quite square in the photo, but that is more a failure of photography I'm afraid...

Look at that texture:

I finished with a shell-like edge, and that was very easy too. So now I am all into crochet again, who knows what will happen next...

The pattern, like its name, works from one corner, starting with a few stitches, and increasing in every row until you decide it is large enough. Then you start decreasing in every row until you have made it to the opposite corner. In the mean time I changed colour as and when I liked, or when the yarn ran out.

Doesn't it look yummy?!

My next project will involve some quilts again, though. There is the small matter of the Finish-A-Long list... I haven't worked on those projects yet, and the quarter will finish at the end of the month. Oops!!
And why didn't I add this blanket to the list? Oh yes, I only started this after making my list... I'm easily distracted by a new project I'm afraid!! At least it got finished.

Have a look at the other posts in the linkup by clicking on the image below, there has been such wonderful crafty activity this month. Or, if you're quick, maybe you have your own post to link up?

Archie The Wonder Dog