Friday, 19 June 2015

Craft It Forward

Several months ago I commented on a "Craft It Forward" post by Fiona at Celtic Stitches. I had forgotten all about it - which is part of the fun - when I received a squishy parcel in the mail a few days ago!

Wondering what fabric I had ordered and forgotten about, I opened it, only to find some wonderful surprise goodies in it!!

From a gorgeous pouch, handmade jewellery pin, and some extra fabric (which goes perfectly with others from the same line I got recently), to a bar of chocolate I was much in "need" of... just perfect. And I received it on a day that I could do with some spoiling, so the timing was perfect, too!

Thank you again so much, Fiona!

Now, as part of the deal, I am going to offer a handmade Pay-It-Forward gift to three (random) commenters on this post (of course)! If you dare to chance receiving a stitched gift from me in the mail in the coming months (I'm not promising when, but within the next year), do leave a comment and I will pick my "victims" after my return from my travels in a few weeks time.
The only condition is that you have to be prepared to return the favour to three others after you have received your gift.

Looking forward to your comments, let's see how many/few people actually read this :-)

Hope you are all enjoying the summer, wherever you are!