Friday 30 July 2021

Summer Garden Quilt

If you've been here before you'll know that our garden is one of my great pleasures. So it's no real surprise that it sometimes influences my quilts, too.

After someone remarked "you never use green in your quilts" and realising that the view outside my windows is actually mostly green (this is Ireland after all!), I decided to look for green fabrics in my boxes. Turns out I have a few!

As so often happens, the quilt changed a few times while making it. I started with a plan for a huge quilt, sewing strips of varying widths to a length of 80 inches or so. Going from darker to lighter green and back to dark. And I didn't quite like it... So the strips got cut in half, going from dark to light, and aiming for a smaller quilt.

I debated on orientation of the dark/light: Random? Alternately light one way and the other? I decided they needed to go in one direction, dark at the top, light at the bottom. A bit like the border from my kitchen window.

Then I realised that it needed something more to break up the green a little bit. Little scraps of purple and red were added here and there to represent the fuchsia flowers and foxgloves that are plentiful in the garden, too. And that the strips needed to go horizontal rather than vertical. So this is where it is at now, shown in its natural environment:

green quilt top made from strips, on the grass in a very green garden

There is more to do, and I am already thinking of how to quilt it...


Tuesday 27 July 2021

Blog email

Well, two days in a row!

Today a short message to those who get an email message whenever I write a new post. You will at some point have clicked at "Follow by email" as shown on the side bar of the blog:

However, the service that provide this, Feedburner, will soon stop offering this. Which means you will no longer receive emails when I write a new post. You may be happy to hear it (after all, TWO posts in as many days!) and if so, you will not have to do anything and the emails will soon stop.

If you would like to keep up with what I write you will have to do something. Here are some options:

* You could just check the blog now and then and see whether there is a new post. You can even bookmark the page in your browser

* You can use a blog reader site and add this blog to it. Check out Bloglovin or Feedly or maybe you have found another reader site? You will need to create a login for either of these. 

* You can follow me on Instagram (IG). Apart from regular posts of a photo with a caption about my  garden and craft activities, I will regularly mention when I have written a new post. With a link in my IG profile to the blog for easy access.

I'd love to know if you are still actively reading blogs, and which way you prefer to find out about new posts...


Monday 26 July 2021

Starting afresh

Are you tempted by new notebooks, a blank page, a new pencil? I am!

New notebook and pencils with motivational phrases

It has led me to consider starting a new blog... New layout, fresh start and all that. But after some thinking, I have realised that it is more important to create new posts, rather than a new blog. So this will be a new start on the old blog.

I intend to be writing a few small posts, mostly for myself to get into the habit of blogging again. A photo, a little text. A gentle easing back into blogging after a long absence.

I may play around with the banner photos, or some other minor changes to the looks, but essentially this is my blog, and it will stay that way. At least for now 😊