About the Studio

I sew mostly at my kitchen table and don't have an actual sewing room, leave alone a studio, at all!! My sewing supplies, books, fabrics and threads are supposed to be stored in my "sewing corner", but in practice I have long since outgrown that area, and they are spread all around the house in a not very organised fashion.

Studio Sew-of-Course is rather my virtual studio. It is an ever-changing place where I can show my quilt making, as well as any other of my crafting and stitching efforts. It is intended to be a place where I can bring together all my projects - finished or in progress - as well as ideas, inspiration, and creativity. And since inspiration can come from anywhere, this can make for an eclectic collection...

I have been stitching since I was very young, taught by my talented mum. As a student I made most of my clothes, and later I made items for my boys and gifts for others.
Moving house many times, often internationally, has at times slowed down the sewing activity, but never for too long. When a friend lent me some her old Quilter's Newsletter Magazines (remember those?) I got started on quilt making, and I never stopped again! Quilting has led me to meet many people, and make friends in many countries. When I discovered blogs and blogging (and still later Instagram!) I  "met" even more wonderful creative makers from all over the world.
Since 2003 I am settled in Ireland, and in 2012 I started an intensive City & Guilds Certificate course there, expanding my technical skills and improving on design concepts. I love passing on my knowledge of quilt making, and do so in weekly classes and occasional workshops, and with the odd tutorial here on the blog, too. There are even a few patterns and more planned...

When I make I am in my happy place, whether I sew quilts or pouches, crochet or knit a scarf, or take photographs on my frequent walks. They are the joys that are brought together in my "Studio" and which I love to share with anyone who'd like to come and take a look. So enjoy your visit, and have a good look around any time you fancy. Comments are always welcome, too, either leave them at any of my posts or email me.

I'd better be off, I have a Studio to fill...

(2017 - updated 2022)