Monday 20 July 2015

Summer - No Sewing?!

I have been away for a while; travelling, sightseeing, having the cobwebs blown from my mind at the seaside, hiking, walking, climbing and resting. And while I did bring some sewing along, I did not sew a single stitch. We had a wonderful time, but I haven't yet sorted the photographs in any way, so my planned post about it all will have to wait a small while longer.
Since we are home again the washing has been caught up with, and I am trying to get on top of the work in the garden. The weather is not cooperating very well though! Still it is worthwhile to take a quick tour:
The hollyhocks are just coming out, the dark one is probably my favourite! The fuchsia has seeded itself and happily grows against the trampoline, and the Penstemon mixes with the promise of Oregano.

The poppies have almost finished flowering, but I think I prefer their seed pods anyway. Mangetout and black currants are starting to get ready to be picked, and the blueberries need rescuing from this rambling geranium! They will need a few more weeks to ripen.

Our rambling rose has almost finished flowering, now it is the Verbascum that attracts the bumblebees. Digitalis have self seeded everywhere, some are higher than me, and branching to give even more flowers! Lady's Mantle gives a nice bunch for the times that I'm rather inside than out.

Lastly, while the different ferns and the damp-loving Gunnera are doing great, my chair sits unused on the grass. I placed it in a spot where the sun should reach it for a large part of the day, but is just too wet and cold to sit still outside.

Since our return I have actually been sewing a small bit as well, but I have to keep that secret for a little while longer.

Lastly, in my previous post, I offered to make a Craft-It-Forward surprise for three crafty enthusiasts. It seems not many people are reading this blog and/or happy to join in with activities like that, but through the comments I have met some lovely people some of whom are happy to be involved spreading some crafty cheer around. If anyone has missed that post and does want to get involved after all, add a comment on that post or this one, or send me an email. I'd love to make your day in some way... Just not everyone at the same time now, please!!