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updated page for 2021  -

For several years I have made a planner to keep track of Finish-A-Long projects.

This year I am not really involved with the FAL, but I would still like to keep track of the progress of my projects, of course! I may even get organised enough to participate in the FAL one day...!

So for 2021 I have designed two simple Sew of Course planners. One specifically for quilt projects, the other for craft projects in general.  

Download your free planner below (PDF) and good luck with finishing your projects!

- Sew of Course Quilt Planner Download -

- Sew of Course Craft Planner Download -

Print as many copies as you like.
And if you know of someone else who would like one, too, please send them to this page to download their own copy. They may want to have a look around this blog for themselves after all...!


  1. Hey, lovely organizer/planner for #Finishalong2019 thanks😁

  2. Thank you for the planner. Hope it helps me to be more organized and focused for #Finishalong2019.

  3. Love this planner - hopefully it will make me a better finisher this quarter!! I am really looking forward to joining in the FAL again :)

  4. I have seen others, but this one calls to me. I made a NY's resolution to clean, organize, and finish (of course, I will start one!!). Thank you. I found you by accident, I hope to follow you more. Linda in Arkansas

  5. Thank you so much for this. I love it! Does help me stay organized and keep the dates within easy reach for the FAL.

  6. thank you so much for the planner -

  7. Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for sharing this. That is so kind of you, and really allows us to be organized. I really appreciate it, and I will also check out your blog. ~smile~ Roseanne


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