Thursday 22 December 2016

Notebook Covers

This is a busy time of year, and the blog is one of the things that moves down on my list when I'm busy. Which is why I haven't been checking in here for a while.  I'm still around though and sewing, don't worry...

My most recent project has been for the Modern Quilters Ireland Christmas swap.
It was decided that we would make a notebook cover for our secret partner. Last year I made a first notebook cover, which turned out lovely. Technically it did not go together as I had intended, but who is to know...

Not wanting to struggle with the technicalities of construction this time, I decided to use Cindy's notebook cover tutorial over at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. First I made a basic notebook cover using a different fabric for the spine, but no further elaboration, to get the feel for the pattern.

The tutorial is great, and this cover went together so quickly!

Now, my assigned partner wanted a pen pocket/holder in the hope she would not lose her pen as easily. And I wanted to add some nice features as well. So out came paper and pencil, and I divided up the cover front and back areas to accommodate some different fabrics. Working out how wide to cut the strips took a little while since I kept getting confused...

Did I add seam allowances to all these measurements?
Oh, those flanges don't add to the total width...
Ah, and the background fabric goes behind the flange as well as needing the seam allowance twice!
Would 1/4" seam allowance be enough for the slightly thicker linen?

In the end I got it written out. By then this was becoming quite a last-minute project... nothing new there, I must admit!
Then sewing it up, at least that worked as planned. 

I used fabrics from the lovely Radiance collection by Beth Studley combined with some neutral linen, and it worked out so lovely, I wanted to keep it for myself!

Fortunately I managed to convince myself to just drop it off at the post office to send it on its way as intended. And my partner is very happy with it, so again, I'll just have to make another for myself to keep (one day...)!

My partner posted the content of her parcel on Instagram, so hopefully she doesn't mind if I show her image here. It does show a bit better where the pen pocket is...

And with all that I would almost forget that someone was also making a notebook cover for me. Just as I came home from the post office to send my gift on its way, my swap notebook cover was delivered to me. Of course I could not wait to open it, and I was soo pleased!

Not one, but TWO notebook covers, one with an lined notebook, and one with a small sketchbook to put down all those inspirations! It was just perfect, so thank you so much, Anneliese (for the notebooks as well as for the goodies you included)!!

Thank you to everyone taking part and organising the Modern Quilters Ireland Christmas swap. And if anyone wants to feel inspired to make a notebook cover, do check out the hashtag #mqichristmasswap2016 (Instagram), there are many wonderful notebook covers to admire!

Now I have to go back to my sewing, I have an urgent project to finish!