Wednesday 19 July 2017

Lismore's beauty and a quilt exhibition

Last month I visited the lovely town of Lismore, Co. Waterford. Lismore is a very pretty historic town at any time, but on this day a quilt show in the local cathedral was the main attraction for me.

St. Cathage cathedral is a lovely church, located at the end of a quiet green street.

And inside it is stunning!

The weekend I visited it was also covered in quilts of an enormously wide variety. They were hung around on display stands, and covered all pews, too.

A few from the many that caught my attention:

There were also cushions, bags, and table runners.

A most unusual quilt hung right by the entrance.

Since it was a lovely warm day as well, I took some time to wander around the town and by the river, too.

I did not have the opportunity to visit well-known Lismore castle, I'll have to keep that for next time!

With thanks to AĆ­ne of the Lismore Quilt Co. and her helpers for organising this wonderful exhibition, and giving me the excuse for a great day out!


Wednesday 12 July 2017

A trip to The Netherlands

In May I had some time away, and I went to visit my Mum in The Netherlands.

To say we enjoyed ourselves is an absolute understatement! We went for walks, took trips, ate out, spent time in the garden, and talked, talked, talked!! Some impressions:

Graffiti painting on the outside of a bicycle storage, visible from platform at station Ede-Wageningen

Windmill in Zevenaar

A sunny day in Nijmegen, view of the river Waal. One bridge to the East...

... two more to the West (one for the railway)

spending time watching the boats go by

Busy traffic on the river (trucks and tractors transported by boat)

view of the Stevenskerk from the quay in Nijmegen

countryside, lucky to catch a hare with my camera

stopping to watch the stork on its nest
On the way home, at Schiphol airport, I came across this fascinating clock. Unfortunately, I could not get a video to work, but following these images you hopefully get the gist. In the images below, the time changes from 6.51 to 6.52. The "man in the clock", looking like a painter in overalls, scrapes off the clock hand, wipes the surface clean, and rolls a new hand in place. In between the minutes he stands and looks at his handiwork, or fiddles around, polishing a few areas etc. Mesmerising to watch, and making me wonder how on earth they created this...

Finally a few images from the train, showing the quintessential Dutch landscape:

Until next time, Mum!

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Finishalong Quarter 3 - my list is getting longer!

- to find out more about the Finishalong, see my Finishalong PAGE -

Last quarter I only finished one project (again!), and it was a rather small one, too. I enjoyed making it though, and it was another planned project off the list, so I won't complain. It does mean that there are again a lot of projects from my last list rolling over to this one for the third quarter. I even was brave enough to dig out some old project that never made it onto the list before. I'm not promising I have every project on my list now, but we're getting a bit closer. Now I only have to make a proper effort to actually finish some of them!

1. Flower Fans

This project was started a while ago with the local quilt group. I am designing it as I go along, and I am finally using my collection of batiks. I have been working on this since the last quarter, only a small bit done though.

2. Feathered Star top

Yes, you guessed it, this still needs quilting!

3. Hearty

The quilt top from (More) Hearty Good Wishes fabrics and sashiko-stitched linen is finished. It needs to be quilted and bound (not changed from last time).

4. Cubes quilt
Not worked on this at all recently, time to finish it though, it's so close (not changed from last time).

5. Curved improv

The top is (probably) finished, time to turn it into a quilt (not changed from last time).

6. Sunflowers

The blocks are together for years, I intended to quilt it for free motion quilting practice. The idea is that the riot of colours and shapes will not show up my lack of experience too much... (also not changed from last time).

7. Stack and cut log cabin
Another top ready for quilting.

8.Jungle quilt.
 Started as a sample for a quilt-as-you-go workshop many years ago (when my boys might have liked it) it really should be finished and given (sold?) to someone else to be enjoyed.

9. Black and white/folk fabrics quilt

This collection of fabrics are mainly Dutch national costume style fabrics ( I think I have a few more stashed away). I cannot decide whether I will move it to a black and white quilt (leaving out the red and adding different B/W or even grey fabrics), or whether I will keep to the folk style and include the red. Decisions to be made before I can start sewing.

10. Log cabin

I have been looking for a project to take on my holidays, and have decided that some simple hand sewing could work. For a while I have been wanting to make a log cabin quilt, so why not hand sew one (am I mad)? I have raided my stash and decided on these fabrics. The bottom image is of a mock up from laying the fabrics log cabin style. I was surprised myself that the fabrics came out like this, it seems I am more attracted to very saturated colours than I thought. No time to be dithering for very long though, I do need to decide on a holiday project!

11. Top

 For ages I have a few dress making fabrics in the cupboard, and it is high time I did something with them. I intend to dust off my old dress making skills, and start with a simple top (I meant to make it in the last few weeks, but time has run away with that intention). There is enough fabric there for a dress, but I cannot see myself head to toe in this colour, so a top it is. Hopefully my confidence will increase so that I can make a dress next. I may need one some day...

12. ABC doll's quilt set
 Another very old project. The quilt is a panel, and has been hand quilted. But the pillow/cushion is not done. This could make a child's doll or teddy bear very happy, if only it was finished.

13. Lily Lapin's wrap/shawl

 A small shawl in fine lace weight yarn. I made the pattern up as I went along, and may have to make one for myself one day, too. But first to finish this one. I'll be certainly taking this one with me on holiday!

14. Flannels for a traditional quilt
I won this box of flannels at a guild challenge 18 months ago, and have a pattern in mind, too. I'd like to make a simple Irish chain-style quilt with uneven nine patches. Just the small matter of deciding on colour placement, size of blocks, and sewing it!

15. Goody goody binding kit (swap item)

- no image -

I have joined in with the Modern Quilters Ireland summer swap, for which I need to make a "Goody goody binding kit" from a pattern by Lella Boutique. I have decided on a theme, but it is so personal that I cannot reveal it here, in case the recipient will guess I am making for her... It will have to be finished in two months, so this should be one I will most likely actually finish this quarter.

16.  Flying geese sampler

- no image -

Lastly, I have a Flying Geese quilt hidden away (deeply hidden away, therefore no picture at the moment). It is purples and blues and creams, and has all variations of flying geese blocks in it. I started hand quilting it ages ago, so it needs finishing off the quilting, and binding.

I am sure if I took more time looking, there are more projects lying around. But I think this will keep me busy for the coming three months, if not three years! Maybe even three decades will be needed...

Linking up with the 2017 Quarter 3 Finishalong at She Can Quilt.

Now I better get busy stitching and sewing on this list!