Saturday, 16 November 2013

Too busy to blog...

I have been rather neglectful of the blog lately, but all because I have been sewing. I'll show you some of it:

Progress on the bag:

straight line quilting

meander quilting

tying off threads
gussets quilting

made a pocket in the lining

The bag panels and gusset pieces are quilted,the lining is prepared. Next step: putting it together, yippee!

 Playing with Seminole piecing:

And then there was some playing around with stars:

don't really like the colour though; may have to make more in different fabrics

Then today we have been starting on hand quilting, tacking and tying, and Kantha quilting: Many more samples in the pipeline. But at least I can do the hand work in front of the fire:

And if I'm quick I may be able to enjoy another slice of my own baking, too:

fruity tea brack
Have a nice weekend,
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