Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A trip to The Netherlands

In May I had some time away, and I went to visit my Mum in The Netherlands.

To say we enjoyed ourselves is an absolute understatement! We went for walks, took trips, ate out, spent time in the garden, and talked, talked, talked!! Some impressions:

Graffiti painting on the outside of a bicycle storage, visible from platform at station Ede-Wageningen

Windmill in Zevenaar

A sunny day in Nijmegen, view of the river Waal. One bridge to the East...

... two more to the West (one for the railway)

spending time watching the boats go by

Busy traffic on the river (trucks and tractors transported by boat)

view of the Stevenskerk from the quay in Nijmegen

countryside, lucky to catch a hare with my camera

stopping to watch the stork on its nest
On the way home, at Schiphol airport, I came across this fascinating clock. Unfortunately, I could not get a video to work, but following these images you hopefully get the gist. In the images below, the time changes from 6.51 to 6.52. The "man in the clock", looking like a painter in overalls, scrapes off the clock hand, wipes the surface clean, and rolls a new hand in place. In between the minutes he stands and looks at his handiwork, or fiddles around, polishing a few areas etc. Mesmerising to watch, and making me wonder how on earth they created this...

Finally a few images from the train, showing the quintessential Dutch landscape:

Until next time, Mum!

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Nancy J said...

What a great time together, a man in a clock, fascinating, and lovely country scenes.

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