Tuesday 22 December 2015

An open wide pouch to gift

For a long time I had been meaning to make an open wide pouch from the pattern by Noodlehead (Anna Graham), but so far it never happened. Then yesterday, I decided to just go for it! It went together so easily that I have been wondering why I waited so long! The instructions were very easy to follow with loads of images.

I adapted the fabrics a little: I shortened the height of the bag panels by ½" each and inserted an accent strip 1" wide between the panels with a ¼" seam. The total panel sizes were then as in the original instructions for the small size pouch (7" x 10").

- these gloomy, wet days are not the best for photography, the colours are closest to those in the next picture -

I ironed interfacing onto the reverse of the outside panels after inserting the accent strip, and added top stitching at each side of the accent fabric.

For the lining I used a grey shot cotton, which went well with the outside fabrics. After sewing in the zip I top stitch all the way around the opening with the same top stitching thread as before.

I debated for a good while whether to include a label, and if so, what it should say. I do like to show that an item is handmade, but I don't like to boast (not too much anyway!). In the end I went for a label just saying my tag name, which means they can find out who made it, but only if they are really interested.

However, it made me think I really should be deciding on a "proper" label text, and maybe have some printed ready for future use. And I am sure there will be more of these in my future! I may want one for myself first of all, since this one has been given away already...



  1. Love the fabric combination for this pouch! You really did a great job and I love Noodlehead patterns. Yeah - you should have some Sew of Course labels made up... but even then the trick is remembering to use them, LOL.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary Sandra!

  2. What a lovely pouch - I hope the recipient was thrilled with it!


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