Saturday 26 March 2016

Library Quilters Mallow - a local exhibition

Since almost 10 years a small group of enthusiastic quilters are meeting in our local library once a  week. We sew and quilt, chat and share, and drink a cup of coffee or tea. It is as much a social gathering as a quilt class. Ten years ago the members were beginners at quilt making apart from myself, though every one of us had sewing and other (needle)craft experience. If they are stuck or need advice they call on me, but I am not teaching any specific class as such.

Every few years we are asked by the library to hang some of our work in their designated gallery space, for all visitors of the library to enjoy. It was a most varied exhibition this year, and we filled the place as much as we could:

our quilts in the library exhibition space
There was a scrappy Grandmother's Flower Garden:

hand pieced and hand quilted
From a just-finished first quilt (we have some more recently joined members) to an old(ish) quilt (slightly faded in places):

hand pieced, hand quilted
machine pieced, big stitch quilted

Small items with detailed appliqué and embroidery, and one collaborative sampler quilt (each member has made a block) for charity:

A beautiful Double Wedding Ring:

hand pieced, long arm quilted
A quilt made through a block-of-the-month programme:

machine pieced, hand appliqué, hand quilting
Two Baltimore-style appliqué quilts, from another block-of-the-month (showing nicely how fabric choice influences the final result):

hand appliqué, hand quilting

hand appliqué, long arm quilted
Some sashiko:
cushion cover
And a mini:

From a panel to my king size "Feathered Star" quilt:

panel, hand quilted
machine pieced, hand and machine quilted
We even covered the stair banisters...

Seeing the work together like this gave a huge feeling of achievement, individually and as a group. And hopefully we have inspired some visitors, too.


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  1. What a wonderful group Sandra! The exhibit is beautiful and shows off everyone's talents so nicely! My neighbor is part of a knitting group like that at our library and the ladies have so much fun together. I had not realized that you'd lived there that long.


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