Friday 10 June 2016

A batik wall hanging and a winner

(Find the winner of last week's giveaway at the end of this post... )

Back to the Beginning

- Recently, I have been asked a few times about my start in quilt making. It made me realise that not many of my early (and less early) quilts have ever appeared here in my "Studio". Here is another quilt from some years ago  -

This quilt started with a range of batiks and a guild exhibition with the theme "Branching Out". The exhibition was to be held at the Botanical Gardens in Dublin, so the theme was plant related, right up my street! I decided to try and reflect the importance plants play in cheering up our surroundings.

I started off with an improvised centre showing buildings in quite dull colours representing sombre city living. Then borders were added in plant-like batik prints:

The original idea was to add green plants around the city to liven up the piece, but when I placed the leaf shapes it didn't have the right effect. I changed tack and added on pink leaves instead with needle turn appliqué:

In one corner the leaves took on grass-like shapes:

Hand quilting followed:
Quite random straight lines in and around the buildings:

More pink leaves quilted in perle cotton to add to the appliqué:


And subtle swirly leaves filling the remaining border areas:

And there you have it, I called this one "Urban Jungle":


Size: 38.5" H x 37" W
All cotton materials:
    batik fabrics for the top; cotton wadding; cotton threads; quilting cotton backing; batik binding
Finished: March 2011
- Southern Branch of Irish Patchwork Society "Branching Out" exhibition at The Grainstore, Ballymaloe, Cork, in March 2011,
- 30th Anniversary Exhibition "Branching Out" of the Irish Patchwork Society at the National Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin, Dublin, in July 2011


No, I haven't forgotten!
Last week I showed you what I made using Lara Bucella's method of crafted appliqué as described in her book "Crafted Appliqué" (of course). Thank you all for your comments on that post, there must be such diverse appliqué projects out there, I hope you show them off to inspire others...!! 
I have picked one lucky commenter who will receive Lara's book directly from the author:

 ... which is Anna:
I have contacted you, Anna! Enjoy your new book!

And I am off to do some sewing now... of course!



  1. Anna, Congrats on winning that fabulous book. Perle cotton is perfect for your hand stitching, and I do like the colours that give a life, triangles have added to it so well.

  2. Very cool cant wait for it.......tytyty...

  3. You were artistic right from the start Sandra. Urban Jungle is a wonderful improv quilt! I'm quite impressed (as always!) with your hand quilting and needle turned applique skills.

    Congratulations to Anna! And thank you so much Sandra for such an inspiring Crafted Applique' post!

  4. Firstly, congratulations to Anna!

    Hi Sandra,
    I have visited your blog today for the first time, and just seen your Crafted Appliqué post - love the pouches, and especially the egg and feather one. So well stitched! Love your improv quilt too!
    Barbara xx

  5. Wow I just LOVE your piece! At first I couldn't quite see the city, but took a second look, oh yeah. At the END?!!! Absolutely LOVE this! Wow what a ton of work and exquisitely needle-turned (my eyes have gone quite terrible of late, nvm the patience to do it has gone with it lol) and then hand-quilted. I love the different coloured and shaped leaves and that you also quilted leaves into the piece. Just so so lovely. Thank you for the eye candy.

  6. I like this piece a lot! I like the city/plant combination and the colours. If this is where you started you had great skills even at the start (my first attempt at needle-turn definitely didn't look like yours).

  7. Beautiful quilt, I love the added texture the hand quilting has added.


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