Thursday 12 January 2017

Plans for 2017 - Projects to Finish in Quarter 1

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The first two items on my Finish-A-Long (FAL) list for the last quarter of 2016 have been finished. Lily Lapin, the elegant hare, has been made (see HERE) and dressed (HERE)! And my lovely Drunkard's Path quilt is also done (blogged HERE), so now I'm working on writing up the pattern for that...

Many of the other projects have stayed the same, so my list is not really very different from last time.

1. Feathered Star top

Yes, you guessed it, this still needs quilting!

2. Oakshott
Yes, still a little more quilting needed! Almost there now... Will I be able to get it off the list this time?

3. Hearty

The quilt top from (More) Hearty Good Wishes fabrics and sashiko-stitched linen is finished. It needs to be quilted and bound (not changed from last time).

4. Cubes quilt
Not worked on this at all in quarter 3, time to finish it though, it's so close (not changed from last time).

5. Curved improv

The top is (probably) finished, time to turn it into a quilt (not changed from last time).

6. Sunflowers

The blocks are together for years, I intended to quilt it for free motion quilting practice. The idea is that the riot of colours and shapes will not show up my lack of experience too much... (also not changed from last time).

7. Stack and cut log cabin
Another top ready for quilting (again, not changed from last time)!

There should be some potential finishes in this lot. If only I wouldn't get distracted by new and on-the-spur projects (like I did the last few months), I'd be fine to finish most of them! Especially if the snow keeps coming down like this (today, 2 pm):

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Stay warm, and keep sewing, of course!



  1. Your snowy day photos want me snuggle up inside!

  2. A great list. I look forward to seeing them finished By the way you can keep the snow. I don't want it thank you xx

  3. Inside, with snow falling, you have choices for any start for the year. Cubes, or that stunning Oakshott would be where I would begin. Keep warm.

  4. Hope you have fun stitching your list this quarter, Sandra!

  5. Love the oakshotts - did you pre-wash? I've heard they shrink a lot and I have a FQB on hand. Nice for a little bit of snow - we got hailstones and sleet!

  6. Love that improv curves project! You can totally knock off a few of these projects this quarter! It's neat seeing the snow photos, it rarely snows in South Louisiana so I can appreciate it!


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