Friday 10 March 2017

Signs of spring

My last post was more than a month ago! Many things have happened, but I will not dwell on them today. Let's have a look outside today, shall we? It seems that spring is on its way (yippee)! Time for a post from the garden...

Our Hellebores have self-seeded and come in several different colours, with and without those lovely speckles. I've been wondering if they would do well in a vase, I may have to try...

The large Daffodils are brilliantly cheerful, but they do catch the wind. Those that have fallen over are gratefully picked and brought indoors. We have several varieties, so many of them are still only a promise of things to come. The small Tête-á-Tête Daffodils are a lot sturdier than the large ones, and are dotted throughout the garden.

We love the small yellow flowers of the Lesser Celandines (Ficaria verna), too. They are doing well in our wet climate, and self-seed happily. The markings on their glossy leaves vary from plant to plant, and give some colour even when the flowers have gone.

The Dead Nettles (Lamium maculatum) are also starting to flower, before long we'll have a large purple patch buzzing with bumble bees. But it is still a little too cold and windy for those welcome visitors.

The Fritillarias are early this year, they are happily showing young buds between the apple trees, but in another, more sheltered, spot they are already showing their checker board markings. Almost there...

All those flowers certainly make up for gloomy grey skies, drizzly rain, and blustery wind!

Maybe it's time to sew some more!



  1. With those bulbs showing off the beauty of spring, surely the cold days must soon be gone. Fritillaria,. I have struggled to grow them down here, yours are lovely.

  2. Hi there. I was very excited to find your blog while I was mooching around the virtual world of sewing! I have seen you at the IPS meetings and I really enjoyed the presentation you made showing your work - especially the improv pieces as I have never tried it even though, of course, I have a book on it. I hope you're enjoying this beautiful spring day in Cork.
    Mary O'Reilly
    P.S. Helebore flowers look really well floating in water, especially the speckled ones as you can see the colouring clearly.

  3. With gloomy and blustery weather, those beautiful flowers are even more of a blessing Sandra. Your garden is so lovely. The leaves of the celandines are beautiful. I have never seen that plant before.

  4. Beautiful photos Sandra! I can't get over the synchronicity in just learning about Hellebores from Julie at Pink Doxies in Ohio, then reading about them in Vinegar Girl which is set in Maryland, then zooming across the Atlantic to see yours on Instagram the other day and now here!! Needless to say I am going to be planting some in my garden once we are back home.


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