Tuesday 13 February 2018

Log cabin being built

When I wrote my last post I wasn't sure what I would be working on first. There are just so many lovely projects in my Finish-A-Long* (or WIP, UFO...) list!

It turns out that I have spent the most time with the log cabin blocks.

On my Finish-A-Long list it looked like this:

fabrics pulled

mock-up of a block

mock-up of how blocks would look together

In practice I went for wider strips, and more variation in the width of the strips. I took out some of the fabrics from the initial selection as well. And I have ended up with this:

I hope you get the idea, a grey day is not the best for sharp photographs indoors, unfortunately!

I am still debating what to do with the blocks. Initially, the idea was to just stitch them together, but I feel they need some calming, so I am on the lookout for a fabric to sash them with (I have an idea of what I want, just need to lay my hands on it). I really love the colours, and it was such fun to sew the log cabins. Just sewing on whichever next strip I fancied, and sometimes sewing them in a different order than is usual for a traditional log cabin block, made this a pure joy to make! Only now I feel I have been too irregular and have ended up with chaos.

Lesson learned: If you want to end up with "irregular" you have to have "regular" as a basis.

No harm, I am sure it will end up being just perfect, and probably a bit bigger than I initially thought as a bonus.

Back to sewing now, of course! I have another project to be working on...


*wondering what the Finish-A-Long is about? See my Finish-A-Long page.
  And of course,
     WIP = Work In Progress
     UFO = UnFinished Object


  1. The variation in width is great and the subtle shades are lovely together.What colour sashing will you use?

  2. Those are beautiful fabrics. Good progress on that project!

  3. You know, these are the colors of your next post - the one about your flowers peeking through the snow.


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