Sunday 4 March 2018

Snow days

As you probably know, I live in Ireland. Which means mild, wet winters and cool, wet summers.
To be more specific, I live quite high up in the south of Ireland. A bit less mild and wetter than the very west or the south coast in winter, and a bit cooler and wetter in summer. We have some snow most winters. But not really like we have had the last few days.

This time, the whole country got snow. So much snow that a red weather alert was called for the whole country. Schools closed, universities closed. Libraries closed, shops closed. Before that the shops ran out of bread and milk. Fortunately, being at risk of bad weather most winters, we always have the freezer well stocked up.
We are now four days since the bad weather started, and the red alert has become amber. It has started thawing slowly (and it snows again). The traffic is still limited to farmers, mostly on tractors.

But it is still pretty out in the garden. 

We are comfortable, warm and dry, and we have plenty of food, though milk is running a bit low.
The best thing: I have been sewing. If it continues this way, I may have a finish before the snow is forgotten! Fortunately I obtained fabric before the snow stopped postal deliveries, and it is perfect for the sashing of my log cabin quilt.

So now the top is sewn together, and I am stitching up the backing, using up some coloured leftovers from the front to make it big enough.

A silver lining indeed...



  1. Quilting rulers come in very handy.Stay warm and safe.

  2. Oh! The snow is beautiful!!!! I live in SEOhio on the Ohio River.We still have a chance to get a few more snow days! Fine by me... Lol. Your country is on my bucket list. !oving husband passed n trying to get someone to move with me???? I know it would cost me a small fortune to have quilting supplies sent over!! Lol blessed week!

  3. What a strange winter this year. I am so looking forward to spring now even if the winter wonder land looks stunning. We have no snow left and it is all back to normal now :)

  4. Hi Sandra, we just got another dump of snow from the very bad storm that moved up the eastern seaboard but not a storm for us, thankfully. So it is still wintry here outside Ottawa, Ontario. Sigh. Anyway, great excuse to be inside and stitching. Lovely blues.


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