Thursday, 11 July 2019

My Finish-A-Long list for Q3

Hello everyone!
Did you see that the link-up for the third quarter of the Finish-A-Long is open? Did you link up yet?

This is my post to link up my list of unfinished projects for this quarter. As you will see, my list is not getting any shorter. I did not finish a single project this quarter, and worse, I added new projects, too!
Surely I am not the only one that gets sidetracked by lovely new ideas?!

So this is my current list (find the free planner if you're interested):

I added my latest update in orange, can you tell I like my list to be colourful?

So here are the Q3 details:
  • Feathered Star quilt - top done:

  • Cubes quilt - almost quilted:

  • Log Cabin quilt - top done:

  • Black and White quilt - top done:

  • Logo quilt - top done:

  • Curved Log Cabin with Corner Geese - top done (I know, ANOTHER log cabin quilt!):

  • And in the last few days I started a top. I used the Shirt No.1 pattern from 100 Acts of Sewing, and adapted it. Full blog post to follow once it can be worn, which will be very soon: 

  • And lastly, I finally got a new ruler. For a long time I had ideas to play with 60° triangles, and now I will. Another quilt on the way!

So, my list is growing, but I'm sure at least one project will be done this quarter.
I intend to be sewing, sewing, sewing this summer!

Linking up at the Q3 list linkup.



  1. The ruler looks as if it would be SO useful, and a nifty easy pattern.

  2. Good luck Sandra in finishing your projects! The logo is an interesting design.

  3. I'm another with no finishes last quarter, but too many starts!
    This is the quarter to get a few done!!

  4. Would you be able to share the pattern you developed for the Curved Log Cabin with Corner Geese? I would love to try that one! Thank you so much!

  5. Oh, I know the situation...several quilt tops waiting to be quilted. That is the hardest part for me, but yours are so lovely it will be so nice when they are done. Your logo quilt really intrigues me. How large is it and how will you use it when done? Thank you for being one of our FAL fearless leaders!


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