Friday, 9 October 2020

New pattern coming

Hello everybody!

This spring and summer, with everything going on, I did not have much chance to set up my sewing machine on our kitchen table like I usually do. My oldest had taken over the table as a work-from-home office during the day. And in the evenings I was just too tired to set up anything... and then putting it away again, too.

Instead of sewing I spent plenty of time sitting behind the laptop, in any spot in the house that's available on the day I might add. So I've - finally - been working on the pattern for my curved log cabin.

Pin basting for quilting

I worked out fabric amounts and cutting instructions. The order of sewing has been described with plenty of diagrams to explain it all. It isn't a difficult pattern, but it needs to be clear, right?
There will be a colouring page, too.

At first I was making it too complicated for myself. Don't we all do that? My mind was (and still is) whirring with all kinds of variations, fabric options, size changes etc. But I finally realised that including it all was the way to sure madness, so I have focused on what is really important: Writing the pattern clearly. I'm leaving the variations for another time...

So finally it is done. I have named this one "Prickly Roundhouse Cabin"... I am working on a special page here on the website with some more details, and I'll be back when you can all access the pattern. Keep an eye out, there will be a special launch announcement soon! 

EDIT: Pattern now available, and more details on the PATTERN page.



  1. Your pattern is amazing, love those colours, looking forward to seeing it on your site.

  2. What a wonderful way to get the illusion of a circle! Fabulous.

  3. Thank you for sharing your project planner. I love it.


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