Tuesday 27 July 2021

Blog email

Well, two days in a row!

Today a short message to those who get an email message whenever I write a new post. You will at some point have clicked at "Follow by email" as shown on the side bar of the blog:

However, the service that provide this, Feedburner, will soon stop offering this. Which means you will no longer receive emails when I write a new post. You may be happy to hear it (after all, TWO posts in as many days!) and if so, you will not have to do anything and the emails will soon stop.

If you would like to keep up with what I write you will have to do something. Here are some options:

* You could just check the blog now and then and see whether there is a new post. You can even bookmark the page in your browser

* You can use a blog reader site and add this blog to it. Check out Bloglovin or Feedly or maybe you have found another reader site? You will need to create a login for either of these. 

* You can follow me on Instagram (IG). Apart from regular posts of a photo with a caption about my  garden and craft activities, I will regularly mention when I have written a new post. With a link in my IG profile to the blog for easy access.

I'd love to know if you are still actively reading blogs, and which way you prefer to find out about new posts...


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