Friday, 4 January 2013


For most people January starts with the making of one or more New Year's resolution(s). For years I have tried it, saying to myself: "This year I will finally give up this bad habit", or: "This year I will achieve X, Y and Z".  Somehow, however, after a couple of weeks (or sometimes even days...) I seem to have forgotten all about my resolutions, or just plainly given up.

So this year I thought not to make any resolutions at all. But then of course, nothing changes and nothing new will be tried. It seems an easy opt-out.

So this year I have decided instead to go with a few resolutions that I really CAN keep. I will go easy on myself, and not impose impossible deadlines, or try to achieve impossible dreams in a short time. So here goes:

1. I will be kind to myself. So no beating myself up over not-kept resolutions...

2. I will make more time to enjoy myself. So I will be fitting in more sewing (and crafting) time. With the course I am doing I can hardly avoid doing that one!

3. I will make time and effort to enjoy the children, while they still haven't moved out. So yes, boys, I will TRY not to complain too much...

4. I will start that "blogging thing".... YES, that is one resolution already achieved!!

Told you, I was going to be kind to myself...

Good luck if you made any resolutions this year, but make sure you also add the resolution to be kind to yourself and yours, because we are all worth that!!

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