Wednesday 9 January 2013

A simple design - squares

It doesn't always have to be complicated.

Using simple blocks can be very effective. Today I'm looking at squares.

Plain squares can be joined together to achieve chequerboard effects of many different types. The effect depends mainly on the choice of colours, and type of fabric print, as well as size of blocks.

Probably the simplest effect is achieved by using high contrast between the blocks, though I would not go for black and white as that will be very stark. A dark and a light grey will achieve the same result, but is gentler on the eye:

plain checkerboard

Two colours can be a bit plain, even boring. Try adding a few "surprise" blocks and the effect is already much more special:

checkerboard with "surprises"

Different colours can be used to completely different effects:



Instead of just two colours, the use of two ranges of colours gives already a more playful effect:

a range of blues and pinks

 Lastly, a scrap quilt can be absolutely stunning!

note the alternate use of dark and light

*all quilt designs shown here were produced by me using EQ7

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