Friday, 12 September 2014


If the gap between blog posts means that the last one was then:

...and this is now:

I suppose you could say I have been missing here for a while!

Since it has been such a long time I am not even going to try to fill you in on anything specific that happened these last months. Suffice to say that it was summer (and a good one, too!), and school holidays, with travel and a visitor (who is very much missed now she's gone home again) and lots of time in the garden, and not much sewing being done at all...

But now the days are becoming noticeably shorter, and school and college have started again, it feels as if the sewing season is starting, too. And so it is high time to get actively sewing again and get some a lot of projects finished. A final serious effort is being made now to get my coursework completed. I have not (yet) dared to make a proper list of everything that needs to be done, because I am afraid that panic will set in when I see how long that list will be! But I know there are legions of small and larger projects started, but not quite finished.

And even though there is a lot still to be finished, I HAD to start sewing on my final (master?) piece for the course, item 5, the bed quilt! Not only because it needs to be finished as well, but also because I really look forward to making it. And in between projects that need to be finished, but are not my favourites (any more), it is good to have one that I really look forward to!

a glimpse of the final course item
And now, in between reactivating my sewing, also a blog post! It seems miracles do happen...


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