Friday 4 September 2015

Hello, I'm Back!

After being away for so very, very long (I had to look for the "new post" button!), it feels as if I am starting afresh.

It kind of fits in with the time of year, I suppose: New school books for the children, brand new notebooks - "copies" they call them here - with lovely crisp blank pages. New school clothes, mostly slightly too large. A new start, but also (for my boys at least): Back to the same schools, same class rooms, same friends. They have the same teachers as last year, too.

In similar way it is for me here: I'm back to sewing, or at least to sewing more, and also I am back to the same blog, with the same style, and similar content. Yet a new start after being away for so long. It feels as if the blog has been lying dormant in the far reaches of the internet, waiting to be woken up whenever the "Studio" would be opened up again and the sewing would resume. For a short while I did consider to stop blogging altogether, but I do enjoy putting together a post and reporting on what I have been up to. So yes, I'm back!

And to leave you with an idea of what I did sew, I'll show you some free sashiko style stitching I did recently. It's part of a bigger project, all to be revealed soon!


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  1. Welcome back Sandra! Yes it does feel like a new beginning when you have taken a summer break.
    I still need to answer your last lovely letter, but have been trying to keep up with blog hopping all week.
    Lovely Sashiko stitching! It's such a beautiful art form. Do you find it relaxing?


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