Sunday 6 September 2015

Just Curious

As well as trying to keep this little blog going, I love to read other people's blogs! There are so many lovely things to read, patterns to find, tips to absorb you could spent whole days reading blogs (I don't think anyone could have enough time to read it all, though). Now, I read my favourite blogs through Bloglovin' which kindly lists any new posts that I haven't read yet. If I want to comment on any post I also need to be logged into my email, which is a gmail account. And since a while that only works properly if I do that by logging into (or opening) Blogger as opposed to logging into gmail alone. This all works fine for me.

It has an unexpected side-effect though. Every time I open my Blogger account I see this little graph right below the name of my blog. And while that usually gives a rather flat line and gets ignored, sometimes it spikes unexpectedly and that makes me sit up a bit straighter. Like a few days ago:

Blogger stats today, showing the spike of a few days ago
On that day, I had not published a new post for more than 6 weeks (my previous post was only published hours later). A new post sometimes causes a spike of interest, be it usually small (after all, this is only a little blog, and I have never actively worked at getting more readers or followers). This time the interest could not have been caused by a recent post.

Now I do know strange things happen on the internet, artificially changing statistics. But I have not otherwise noticed anything odd or suspicious. No spam, no hacking, no strange website coming up in the list of traffic sources.

I like to think there may have been someone(s) looking at my blog. Browsing the pages, looking around a lot. Sitting at their screen, clicking and clicking. And apparently, finding it very interesting. It makes me curious about my readers, and such an unusual reader in particular. What makes you find this blog? What makes you click and click and click, maybe browsing several pages?  And even for my followers (I do have a few), what makes you coming back, again and again?

While it feels enough for me at the moment to just write for myself in this blog, it is nice to know that now and then someone (apart from my mum, hoi Mam!), somewhere actually reads this blog. And I know that it can be a bit much to comment on every blog you're reading, I don't mind at all. After all, many people have not enough hours in the day to even read all the blogs they find interesting. However, if you find my blog really, really interesting it would actually be nice to hear that in some way. Just to satisfy my curiosity, you understand. I usually even reply to comments or emails, though never if you let me know you don't want me to.


  1. Sandra, I never can figure out those mysterious blips either. And yours is ultra mysterious, because you were quiet for a long while. It is happy thought to think someone checked out all your blog pages. I hope they come back again and say hello!
    I read your blog because you are fun and nice and I love what you create! It's a one - two punch of bloggy goodness!

  2. There is also a box that tells you from which websites the traffic is coming, does that maybe provide further clues?

  3. yes Sandra, it's a bit odd when things like this happen... I think we all at some stage or other get some 'mysterious' traffic like that in our stats - I've had it just recently with a lot of views apparently from Russia!
    Iris is right, on that same page, there should be a box showing where your high hit numbers are coming from - but I suggest you don't click on them as they might not be 'friendly' to your computer.


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