Thursday 26 November 2015

A productive morning

For a while now I wanted to play with some curved piecing. I had some ideas in my head, percolating away for ages! Big, bold curves and solid fabrics. Bright colours. Big pieces. Modern look.

Finally two days ago, it was such a grey, gloomy day that I had to take out some colourful fabrics to play with. I picked my (limited) selection of solid fabrics and chose some dark reds, oranges and a lime green/yellow. That day this combination of colours said "warmth and cheerfulness" which was exactly what I was looking for.

I cut freehand curves through two fabrics, and sewed them together, building up one fabric at a time from the middle outwards. Trimming was done when needed, and a straight seam entered at some point too. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning, and ended up much more cheerful, and extremely satisfied with the result:

I am hesitating what to name this one... I thought of "Energy", but I am not sure yet. The centre shape reminds me a bit of an eye, though on its side... Then again, there is something of an Earth shape on its tilted axis... And isn't the Earth full of energy?

The problem now is that this is 27" wide x 32" long. It seems a good size for a (bold yet small) wall hanging, but how many wall hangings can I hang?! A throw might be much more useful, but then I need to "grow" it a bit more... And what would be more appreciated if I wanted to give it away? I have been thinking about it a lot, but I can't decide.

If I do need to make it larger, I do not want to add straight borders around the edges. Maybe a border of blocks, each containing a different improv "eye" shape? Maybe different borders at different sides?

So, what do you think? Bigger, or not? And if yes, how? Any ideas, suggestions and/or comments much appreciated!

Linking up with AHIQ at Sew Slowly and Fret Not Yourself
And yes, this top is a rather wavy, but I solved that too!



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  2. Beautiful colours, Sandra! I always see the sun and the moon in shapes like this.

    Do you rotate your wall hangings? Maybe you can find room for this one in the mix. :D

  3. This was a good morning's work; those colours would really sing out on a grey day. I love the ambiguity of the curved shape in the middle - it lets the viewer make of it what they will. I understand the dilemma about size - I like things to be useful - but to my eye this looks complete, so can't make a suggestion about what to add.

  4. What a great way to spend the day. Gorgeous result. If you want to enlarge it, you might consider changing to another shape. Look at Sherri Wood's Doodle quilts. Thanks for linking to AHIQ.

  5. To me it looks good as is; however, if I were to enlarge it, I'd use variations on the background colors so as not to distract from the yellow/gold shape focus.

  6. you can see so many things in this, according to your mood Sandra. It is fun not to permanently define it. I see something planetary, but also something on the other end of the size spectrum: a flower part, like a stamen. Then again, there is something comforting and womb like about it too. I love it just the way it is, but am sure I would still if you add to it too. it will be fun to see what you decide.

  7. I love these colors together and immediately saw a planetary/sun shape. I think I'd add some moon shapes to one or two borders. Maybe even moon phases since that you allow you to work with circles a bit longer. If you add a strip or two of the outermost colors, the strips would blend into the background. Of course, all this is if you really want to add to the piece. I really like as it is and do not want to influence your thinking either way. I'd never presume to know what is best for someone else's work....I struggle with my own pieces enough!


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