Sunday 10 July 2016

Summer break 2016

As usual this time of year, we went away for a trip. This time we stayed in Durrus, which proved again (we were there last year, too) to be an ideal starting point for exploring West Cork.
Some highlights:

A walk along the Sheep's Head peninsula

sea both left and right show how narrow the peninsula is

towards the tip of the peninsula the ocean right in front of us

on the way back some sea mist catches up with us

Schull, West Cork

sea anemone

I am fascinated by rock pools

A visit to the gardens at Garnish Island

the pond in the Italianate garden showed off these water lilies

the gardens at Garnish Island are beautiful, these unplanned ferns caught my eye

and the view from the gardens are spectacular

another view from the garden
You have to take a boat to get to the gardens on Garnish Island, which lies in Glengarrif Bay. On the way a pair of eagles was pointed out to us:

And the bay is a favourite place for seals, too:

I never was this close to a seal before

There were many more activities this week, from a chamber orchestra concert, picnics, walks both in evening sunshine and a very misty morning (hear the sea crashing on the rocks below, but not able to see it), to visiting a local market, eating ice cream, playing card games...

All in all a break to remember, and aren't those the best?!



  1. Oh, thank you for sharing your trip! Your tidepools are fabulous, and it sounds like a wonderful getaway. I would love to visit Ireland again, it is so beautiful. I have only been there once. We stayed for a week, in an old house Kinvara, and explored in that area.

  2. Beautiful! Can't believe how much wildlife you got to see!

  3. Beautiful! Love to go sometime.

  4. Sandra, those photos are breathtakingly beautiful! Itn reminds me so much of parts os Maine in the United States, one of our favorite places to go.


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