Friday 30 September 2016

Sending and receiving

At the beginning of the month I showed you the One Hour Basket that I made for the Modern Quilters Ireland summer swap. I also told you how happy I was with my make. I even wrote a tutorial on how to make a tartan panel like the one I used for my basket.

Of course it is exciting to participate in a swap. Getting a partner assigned to make for, seeing her (it is usually "her") mosaic, thinking of what to make, and how, and in what colours, and which exact fabrics to use. Then the making. And the being pleased. Followed by thinking about the extras. What should be included, and what is too much - you can guess that this was my first swap, and I did worry about getting it right...

But in all that I did forget about receiving!!
Of course I was one of the partners, too. Putting up my mosaic. Stating my likes and dislikes - this also wasn't done without a lot of thinking. This time about how to describe accurately what I do and don't like, but at the same time not putting my partner into a spin with (perceived) critical demands... Oof!!

Anyway, of course it all came right in the end. I did receive a basket for myself. And it was PERFECT for me! Thank you again, Beatrice @frogsandsprogs!!

I love the colours, the prints, the structure. And the cards and scraps were just brilliant!
I have it in constant use, too, with a new project:

But I have to tell you about that another time. She (another "her") definitely deserves her own post...
 of course!



  1. Lovely basket with a great lining, and super choices for the outer fabrics. These are so easy to make and VERY useful too.

  2. Lovely basket! I remember my first few swaps, I was more nervous about making what my partner would like, & didn't give much thought to what I would receive... I hope you will continue to enjoy swaps in the future too Sandra!

  3. Fun basket - I've not made one of these.

  4. The way you've described all the thought put into doing a swap... that's exactly what I go through to Sandra. The basket you received is just beautiful!


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