Wednesday, 30 November 2016


It seems to me that this year we are having the best autumn since moving to Ireland thirteen years ago. With the weather quite dry, the leaves are not turning to their usual brown mush as soon as they are falling off the trees. Instead they have shown a bit of colour, are staying on the trees and shrubs longer, and when they do fall, they lie crisply on the ground. We have seen a good bit of sunshine, too!
 - I prefer to forget about last week when the mist wouldn't lift at all for three full days

Today it seems autumn has made way to winter, with a sharp frost, clear sky and sunshine! It made me go out into the garden with my camera...

Even the grass looks good with a layer of hoarfrost!

The last flowers of Geranium "Ann Folkard" will not last much longer.

And the kale will be much tastier after this spell of frost!

Most of the leaves from the blueberry bushes are now on the ground...

...and those that remain are rimmed with ice.

Even the died and brown fern leaves are so pretty with some white details!

I have a busy day ahead, but I find it always worthwhile to take some time to enjoy the beauty that's  around us. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Have a good day, and stay warm!



  1. Beautiful pictures, Sandra! As if I am walking with you in your wonderful garden...

  2. Lovely, and those leaves with a sparkly rim are so pretty.

  3. There really is nothing more beautiful than a proper hoar frost.

  4. Sandra your photographs are so beautiful! The frosted garden is quite gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the lovely views with us.


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