Wednesday 20 September 2017

Lily's wardrobe - it's a wrap

And so, quite suddenly, it is the third week of September and summer has disappeared! How did that happen?!

Time to draw the curtains that bit earlier every evening, consider lighting the stove, or even turning on the heating! Time, too, to wrap up warm!

Which is what Lily Lapin is doing... Remember, I introduced the magical Irish cousin of Luna Lapin as well as her wardrobe in previous posts.

This wrap (shawl) will keep the autumn chill off her shoulders for this in-between season, I hope. It has been crocheted in a unique "making it up as I go along" fashion, and quite successfully so, if I say so myself. I used a dark grey lace weight wool and a 2.5 mm crochet hook, and treble stitches (in UK terms, which is confusingly called double crochet in US terms). The shaping is achieved by decreases and increases at certain intervals, and the wavy edge resulted from even more increases all the way along the bottom edge.

While it is only a small item at about 12" wide by 6" high, it took me forever to finish, because of the fineness of the yarn. Not to mention the numerous times I decided to go back a little (or a lot) because I wasn't quite pleased with the shape. Now it is finished I am really, really pleased with it, and so is Lily!

Blocking the Shawl on a sunnier day

I am tempted to see if I can make a grown up version, too, but I want to tweak it a bit for that, and I am not quite sure yet how to achieve the effects I am looking for. I may wait a while...

Linking this one up with Quarter 3 of the Finishalong as soon as the linky opens on 24th September.
Original list for Q3 can be found at my Q3 finishalong post.


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  1. A delightful wee shawl, and I can see in a larger size would be equally beautiful. Warm boots as well, she is snug and cosy,


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