Tuesday, 17 April 2018

My Finish-A-Long list for Quarter 2

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It is time to post and link up my list of unfinished projects for quarter 2 of the Finish-A-Long  (follow the link for more information - anyone with an UFO, WIP or similar that they want to finish is welcome to join).
I decided for this quarter to change up my list.

It is not that I have finished any project from last quarter (I haven't - again!), but there are so many projects on the list that I don't even look at during the quarter, and others I have been working on that haven't ever made it onto the list. Time for an overhaul!

This is my list for Quarter 2 of the 2018 Finish-A-Long:

1. Straight in at the top, a project that wasn't on the list before, but that I have been working on recently.

This is for the Cork Textiles Network's  exhibition for their 20th anniversary. The work will be going to the Knitting and Stitching shows this autumn (Dublin, London and Harrogate) and every member is asked to have a piece. The (working) title of the exhibition is "Selfie", and all members have been asked to make a self portrait. It has a deadline, so it should only be on the list for this quarter, let's hope I can do it! There is a lot of stitching on it, good that it isn't large (30 x 40 cm, about 12" x 16").
And no, it isn't a quilt (no three layers), though I will be adding appliqué.

2. Also as part of Cork Textiles Network's 20th anniversary there will be an exhibition with work based on a book. This will be a selected exhibition for the Knitting and Stitching shows, but all work entered will be locally exhibited first, from which the selection will be made.

I have chosen my book, and I have some fabrics, though I need to add some more.
(And yes, that is an ombre fabric, I did fall for them *a bit* recently. Not sure what I will make with the others yet... And ...um... no dots. I know they are really popular at the moment, but I am not really fond of them...)

3. Feathered Star top

Well yes, this still needs quilting, but I really want to finish this one! It is one of my favourite tops.

4. Cubes quilt

This is the quilt closest to a finish. To finish quilting the borders, binding, and a label of course.

5. Sunflowers

The blocks are together for years, I intended to quilt it for free motion quilting practice. The idea is that the riot of colours and shapes will not show up my lack of experience too much... I'm keeping it in here, because I really should get practising my FMQ.

6. Log cabin

The top is finished, and I am very happy with it. I had it basted, and started quilting, but I wasn't pleased with it. The tension of my machine played up, and I disliked the wadding I used. So I have taken it apart, bought new wadding and hope to get it quilted soon.

7. Top

For ages I have a few dress making fabrics in the cupboard, and it is high time I did something with them. I intend to dust off my old dress making skills, and start with a simple top (I meant to make it last summer). There is enough fabric there for a dress, but I cannot see myself head to toe in this colour, so a top it is.

8. Shawl/wrap for myself

Inspired by the wrap I saw at Ireland's online fibre and crafts magazine Olann and called "Mind the Gap" (though I'm leaving out the gaps). The image above was posted on my Instagram ages ago, it now looks like this:

I am well into the decrease so it shouldn't be that long. If only there were more hours in the day...

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  1. That's a lot on the go. I can't even two thing side by side. Enjoy!!!!

  2. I quite fancied this too, my problem is I fancy too many knits

  3. Oh yes, if there were only more hours in the day. LOL You can totally finish up a few of these, do it Sandra!!!


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