Thursday, 12 April 2018

Minor Blog Trouble

How do you follow your favourite blogs? Do you use Bloglovin'? Click a bookmark in your browser? Or are you signed up to receive every new post by email? Or maybe you don't follow any blogs at all?

After publishing my last post, I received a comment saying that the email sign-up on my blog didn't work. So I went off to investigate!
Who knew that behind that simple gadget that you add to your Blogger blog in two clicks, lies so much detail?! Well, maybe everyone knows, but I definitely didn't!! And looking into the problem (with some help and support from a forum) I found to my surprise that there were no "followers by email" signed up to my blog at all...

I could do with some sunshine... and my blog posts have to have an image!

I know that my mum followed my blog by email, and I believe some of her friends did, too. I have no idea how many readers follow-by-email though. I never knew until now that you could even see how many there are. I do know now that they have all gone!

I followed my own blog, too, so that I could see how it looks when a post comes by email. And I haven't received my latest post by email, though I did receive the previous one. Something went very wrong between those two posts, and I don't know how or why. I am not sure if it is even possible to find out how or why. I definitely don't want to spend the time trying.

I also have no idea how to retrieve the followers-by-email that have disappeared. If I'm honest, I love my blog, and I love for people to be following it, reading it, and enjoying it especially. But I am not hung up on how many followers I have. I will tell mum to sign up again though...

If you come across this post (you probably haven't had an email about it!), and you would like to follow the blog by getting a message in your inbox when a post is published, please do sign up. I have changed the look of the sign up, so that you click the text - see on the side bar "Follow by Email" - rather than enter your email address in a box, but it goes to the same service from Blogger. When you click the text you are taken to the page where you can enter your email, and "prove you're not a robot". Then you will get an email to confirm you actually want to sign up. Click the link in that email, and you're all set. Then next time I write a post you will receive a message by email so you don't have to miss anything from me.

With thanks to Dots who pointed out the gadget wasn't working! And for being the first to sign up once it was working again!

And now, back to sewing of course!



  1. I find it easier to use Bloglovin, as I follow so many blogs it would really clog up an already clogged up inbox if I subscribed via email. I do enjoy your blog and that is why I subscribe via Bloglovin..much easier to have all the blogs I follow all in one convenient place!

  2. I use Bloglovin aswell as I'd lose blog posts in amongst my email.
    Glad you used the pic of your bag. I use my version nearly every day and still get compliments

    Love and hugsxx


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