Monday 14 January 2019

My Q1 Finish-A-Long List

The Finish-A-Long is starting again, and I am joining in with my current list of unfinished projects. If you are looking for the link-up to add your own list, it can be found at the Q1 List Linkup post. And if you want to know more, check out my Finish-A-Long page.

Okay, now to my own list, which looks like this:

I used my FAL Planner to keep track during the quarter, hopefully a lot more squares will be coloured in three months time!
1. Feathered Star quilt
Needs layering, basting, quilting, binding.

2. Cubes quilt
Needs the last bit of quilting, and binding.

3. Log Cabin quilt
Needs basting (again, since I removed the wadding I had started quilting with, because I didn't like the effect), quilting, binding.

4. Black & White quilt
This needs everything doing, but at least I have decided what to do with the B&W fabrics and am waiting on a ruler I ordered.
Realistically, this will not be finished this quarter, but I would like to start it soon, so at least it means I will be working on something from the list!

5. Logo quilt (still to be named - what about "My World"? Mmmm...)
Needs layering, basting, quilting, binding.

I have kept it relatively short (for me) this quarter with five projects. I find I do not do half as much sewing as I think I will, and I am hoping this way I will be more focussed... Fingers crossed for some finishes soon!

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  1. The logo block, what a suitable name, and goals, you have chosen well , love them all, but the cubes are my pick.I would find it so hard to select a few, this month I need to do Nov and December Bear appliques, as we were in limbo before we moved into our new home.

  2. a very good manageable list Sandra, until you realise one of these quilts hasn't started yet! You have great patience to unpick quilting and start again. That really is a marathon.

  3. Love the curves on your last project. Good luck with your list.

  4. Love that last one! I'm also not posting as many as I usually do and trying to stay more focused on the ones on the list! Good Luck!

  5. Ummm, name for your logo quilt? “ Sew Of Course”...what else would you possibly call it! Thank you for the FAL Planner sheet, I just printed mine out!!! xo!

  6. I love your FAL Planner! Your logo quilt is striking. It has a great combination of colors. Thank you for participating in the FAL.

  7. Lovely projects. Great planner sheet, will print and start using it. Hopefully it will help me to stay focused and work on finishing projects, too much fabric waiting to be quilted :-)


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